About Us

Dreams to Comb

We are driven by our desire to create and to create responsibly. Our creations first take place in our imagination and in our dreams. We dream of new and improved designs that are a source of happiness, health, and joy. Then we comb through those dreams to choose only those creations with the strongest positive vibes.

Timeless Creations

We believe that creativity is timeless, and therefore, we aim to create timeless designs. Such creations demand elevated quality to pass the test of time. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures only the appropriate materials are selected to combine beauty and function through quality workmanship. We choose natural fibers such as pure cotton to manufacture our clothes because healthy skin deserves no less. Linings that touch the skin are just as important for us as shell fabric.

Nature's Music

We are inspired by nature and its rhythms and frequencies which can be felt through music. We believe following nature and using its materials in our creations can help us become in tune with nature's own music. As all music is inspired by nature in some form or another, we also surround ourselves with musicians' work to create that complete cycle of harmony.

Our Commitment

We have committed ourselves to provide our customers with the highest quality products that stand the test of time. We are aware of our share of responsibility to achieve a sustainable environment where depletion of natural resources without renewal is avoided. We also have a strong committment to avoiding using any animal products in our creations and always look for sustainable and more natural replacements.