City Traveler Collection

This collection is for those who work at daytime or at night living in a city vibe filled with music. The color tones are easy to go with many styles of bags and shoes and are selected for those who prefer them as part of their style.

To address concerns about cruelty to animals, our top priority has always been not to use any animal parts in our products. Our animal images as a series represent the artistic aspect of the experience our bags provide while wearing them.

Tote Design Concepts by DreamComber

Tote Design

The black swan, a beauty that lives around water, represents our water resistant tote bags emphasizing the presence and importance of the water element in our lives.

Messenger Design

The black horse represents our durable messenger bags with which you can travel through rain or shine.

Clutch Design

The black panther represents our clutch bags which allow you to walk light and in pure elegance just like how the black panther moves.

Collection Colors