Clutch Design

Jul 1st 2020

Clutch Design

Clutch Design

As women, we may occasionally experience that no matter how heavy a bag weighs in our hands or on our shoulders, or no matter how we feel about it, we may still need to carry it until the end of the day.

Many of us have been wanting the right bag for ourselves especially at times when we are mostly on the move pursuing a traveling lifestyle. In the mornings we would be on a plane, in the afternoons we would visit our clients or customers. In the evenings we would have gatherings with family or friends, and sometimes hang out with close friends for easy conversations at pubs at night. Weekends would be reserved for our nature walks, mall shopping and visiting friends for their special events. When we finally go back to the hotel, it would be time to hit the gym.

We all go through all sorts of situations with different conditions every day: from city to nature, office to night clubs, and maybe to gym if we can find the time. While traveling we have to plan and carefully decide ahead on our dressing style to fit most situations so that we can reduce the amount of clothing we bring in our luggage. When we lay all our important belongings on the table, there would be ID cards, credit and debit cards, cash and keys. And of course, our phone! On top of that, there would be our passport, occasionally foreign currency, charger and cable for at least our phone. And don't forget a pack of facial tissues, or a pair of eyeglasses!

These are basically our essential belongings. But most bags we have are bulky and we cannot use most of their space efficiently. When we try to put all of these essential belongings together in a bag, the space becomes either too small or too big. Many of us would be carrying bags with extra space and unfortunately extra weight to fit all that in. Many women might relate to this.

Some people prefer to fit everything in one big bag. After trying this approach, we may eventually figure out that this style may not be for everybody. First of all, it would be too heavy. Secondly, we would end up "digging" through our bags desperately trying to find that one thing we need at a crucial time. One can almost guess how most ladies feel about "digging" through layers of stuff!

But the most important reason this approach may not work for most is because of that "awkward time". Should we bring along our big bag to the washroom? Is the place safe enough to leave all our essential belongings behind? If we take our wallet and purse with us, our hands wouldn’t be free. Female clothing isn’t known to have pockets for wallets.

We want a bag for that awkward time. When we are with friends at a big table enjoying dinner, or when we go to friends’ place, we sometimes have our big bag with us. We stuff it with our sweaters and water bottles. It would be strange if we brought the whole bag along with us everywhere we walk. Imagine taking it to the powder room or on a lunch break from the office! But it would be up to us to keep our essential belongings safe and with us all the time, so we don’t need to depend on others to do that for us.

So now here is the bag that solves these problems: a 3 in 1 clutch from DreamComber.

  • Works as a wallet, a cross body or an arm bag.
  • Provides the actual space you need without the additional weight.
  • Comes with 3 pockets to separately keep different currencies, and to hold 10 credit cards.
  • Includes a zipper pocket for coins and has enough room for a passport.
  • Eliminates the need to hold your wallet or purse when you need your hands to hold that coffee or cola.
  • Made of water-resistant high-quality nylon material that also makes it easy to clean by simply wiping.
  • From office to night life, and from airports to parties, this style fits for all.
  • Spotlight: Comes with ultra-light weight adjustable aluminum chain.